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My family has FINALLY decided that golly, gee, maybe their bailing wire and spit mail and web system for the family business isn't worth the hassle. (Lesson learned: quality costs money. You don't get quality by piggybacking off of someone else's server, and relying on a friend of the family admin to let you use it.)

This is something I've been telling them for several years - usually any time they call to freak out that omgitsbrokenyouhavetofixit, nevermind that I have nothing to do with those servers, have access to them, or even really know how the whole thing is juryrigged. I'm the Computer Guy, so apparently I'm the one who has to call the friend of the family (who I don't even know), and pass along messages. What the fuck ever.

They've FINALLY decided that this isn't going to work. Apparently it was when Mother Dearest was told she had to use a webmail client as a workaround to a problem with the IMAP server. That simply WOULD not DO. Baby brother got tired of the shitstorm, and... called me.

They're looking for a cheap (duh), easy (er), simple (hm) way of hosting their mail and web. They know *NOTHING* about techie crap, and I'll be damned if I'm going to be their sysadmin.


Recommendations on a either a dirt simple hosting setup or someone (preferably in the Seattle area - see, one less reason they have to call me) to handle the whole shebang. It's ridiculous, we're talking about half a dozen email addresses and a frighteningly primitive web site with maybe a dozen pages. No databases, no ordering, just static pages. They need registrar and basic hosting. I've been using for my stuff recently, but not for hosting, so I don't have any experience there. Dreamhost is of course the standard answer, but I have zero experience setting anything up there.

Gmail isn't likely to be acceptable due to the funky interaction between their version of IMAP and Mac Mail client that assumes an actual standard implementation. (See above for Mother Dearest's response to being asked to do anything new.) For that reason alone, I'm striking it from the list. (Otherwise this would be pretty bloody simple. Gmail for mail, frickin' MobileMe for their web site, domain mapped to both, and done.)

Any and all recommendations welcome, my webby peeps. A word of advice though... don't volunteer yourself. Find some other poor bastard to take this one.
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