Jul. 30th, 2009


Jul. 30th, 2009 12:02 am
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Fresh cherries + The Macallan Cask Strength = nomnomnom.
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A: Unknown at this time, check back later.

I've been nervous for a while about having all of our ISP/domain registration/hosting being handled by Cablevision. I mean, it's not really the company of note when it comes to technical or customer service, y'know? So slowly over the past few months I've been moving our web hosting, mail hosting, DNS hosting, etc, off of them and on to other, non-physical-residence-tied companies. (ie, if we move, we don't lose everything.)

So I call them up Tue night and request that they unlock the domain so we can transfer it, which is the last step left. After this, I can be done with them except as a raw pipe provider. "Hmm, I'm having a problem doing that, which is really unusual. I'll open a trouble ticket, should be handled by tomorrow morning, if not, call back."

Well, I called back tonight, and... "Huh. Your domain expired in Nov 2007." "Uh, WHAT? I'm looking at it on whois right now, and it doesn't expire until Nov 2009." "Well, our system says it's expired, and... huh, that's weird. It should have been outright purged in Dec 2007."

Okay, at this point I'm wonder what. the. flippity. hell is going on. They finally figured it out... Their 'back-end system' which I'm assuming is their actual database, syncs with the registrar info. It had the correct info. Their 'front-end system', which the techs work with, was screwed up.

Problem is... they don't know how to get them in sync. And because they can't do anything with the front-end until it's resolved... oy.

Meanwhile, they are assuring me that my domain that I've had for umpteen years isn't going anywhere, it's still mine, no one's going to take it or delete it, blah blah blah... and gee, they wonder why I'm moving my precious precious domain off of their systems?

Guess I call back later... :P


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