Jun. 6th, 2009

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Normally when CfPs* come down the pipe, even when I have plenty of lead time, I have a hard time putting voltage to phosphor to get the words, data, and ideas into a form suitable to send in.

On Tuesday a colleague forwarded me a CfP with a deadline of *tomorrow*. Kinda one aimed right at a side project I've had cooking, and am pretty happy with, but didn't have written up in any form.

I just submitted a 12 page paper, in pretty much final draft, to the conference. I actually had about 90% of it done by Thu night, tweaked it some yesterday with some new diagrams, and got back a round of comments from colleagues this afternoon, then gave it another pass. I'll let it simmer tonight, give it another read through in the morning and see if there's anything left I'd like to fine tune, but... unless I come up with something, I'm done a day early.

I won't say it was *easy*, but it certainly wasn't panic inducing or the source of great anxiety like it normally is. I kinda like this. And oddly enough, I'm not even concerned if it gets accepted or not. If so, huzzah! If not, no biggie, I have the core of a good paper here that I can send elsewhere.


*Call for Papers - ie, Conference coming up, get yer crap together and send us some scribblings so we can rip your intellectual children to shreds and waltz away from the carnage anonymously...


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